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I'm Christina Lyon, a coffee sipping, piano playing, beach loving, word-obsessed freelance writer and musician. I'm on fire for helping freelance writers get paid and small biz owners succeed online. When I'm not reading or writing, I play music and explore the beaches and wild trails along the California coast.

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Aerial shot of Solvang showin in this Day Trip To Solvang, CA guide

Want to take a day trip to Solvang, CA? Learn about this Danish treasure nestled beneath the foothills of the sprawling Santa Ynez Valley! There’s a lot of fun things to do in California, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes you crave a getaway to somewhere completely different. Still, not all of us who are […]

As my 4-year anniversary of living in Redondo Beach, California approaches, I thought I’d write a post to share what beach living in California is like–and why I love it! With our swaying palms, cool ocean breeze, and unmistakable California sunsets, there’s nothing quite like the laid-back beach vibes of Southern California. Many people dream […]

Arizona, a state where scorching temps send rolling tumbleweeds across long cacti lined highways. It’s also so much more than that. While Phoenix and Tucson tend to get all the attention, in this Arizona travel guide, I’m breaking down some of the most unique places to visit in Arizona. While some are extremely popular and […]

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is a cultural melting pot, which is a major reason why living here is so much fun. People travel from all over the world to catch a glimpse of vast and varied LA. As a blogger based in Redondo Beach, California, I’m itching to visit Japan. I don’t need […]

California may have the best sunsets in the world and vast terrain from desert to snow, but nostalgics like me need to dig to uncover old school California. If you look, you’ll find historic locations peppered throughout the state. I spent my 30th birthday on an island in Panama, so when I returned I chose a […]

A picture of Christina Lyon writer posing beneath the bridge while moving to Huntington Beach, CA.

Well, we made it. Steve and I are celebrating 5 crazy, wonderful, adventurous years together. This anniversary was quite a milestone for us. We’ve traveled through ten countries together, countless cities, and had some hilarious moments along the way. I’m telling you guys, I got a good one. When it came to planning our anniversary, […]

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