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I'm Christina Lyon, a coffee sipping, piano playing, beach loving, word-obsessed freelance writer and musician. I'm on fire for helping freelance writers get paid and small biz owners succeed online. When I'm not reading or writing, I play music and explore the beaches and wild trails along the California coast.

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Cuba is alive with electric, vibrant energy that pulsates through the streets, radiates from friendly locals, and washes in with the Caribbean Sea. It’s no wonder why Cuba is a major tourist destination. With any travel destination, you’ll need to plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the culture. Start here to learn how to travel […]

You all know I love Cuba! When it came time to submit a story for the 2018 World Nomads travel writing contest, in which three winners would win a trip to Argentina and study under an accomplished travel writer, I knew I had to write a Cuba travel story. There were three options of story […]

Cuba remains a mysterious place to many people, specifically Americans who are now again prohibited from visiting the country. Fortunately for me, I was able to slip in and out in the short time span that Americans were legally allowed to visit. In addition to having the time of my life, I discovered that there […]

Published on GoWorldTravel.com A rocking chair creaks as an elderly woman sits on her front porch fanning herself from the wet heat. Across the street two women are getting their hair done on the sidewalk. Laughter belts from a group of men in the street huddled around a game of dominoes, cigars hang from their mouths. […]

Christina Lyon walks through the streets of Havana in this American guide for traveling to Cuba.

Ahh Cuba. The beautifully misrepresented country which was off limits to American tourists for over fifty years. The conflict between the U.S. and Cuba reached it’s ultimate climax with the Cuban Missile Crisis, setting forth an over fifty year embargo — the longest in modern history. The Cubans coined it “The Blockade” to describe the prohibition of American travel to […]

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