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I'm Christina Lyon, a coffee sipping, piano playing, beach loving, word-obsessed freelance writer and musician. I'm on fire for helping freelance writers get paid and small biz owners succeed online. When I'm not reading or writing, I play music and explore the beaches and wild trails along the California coast.

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Writer Christina Lyon stands at the bay of Panama City in this article about how to achieve your dream.

We all have dreams. You know, those goals that keep us awake at night and sometimes seem so far out of reach. But here’s the kicker: as much as you want to learn how to achieve your dream, you are your own biggest obstacle.  Sure, we are also our own worst enemy in the land […]

Christina Lyon writer sits on a cliff overlooking the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne, facing fears is a great step to finding your why.

“Action is the antidote to fear.” Read on for actionable steps for overcoming fear that’s holding you back from your goals, and how finding your why crystallizes your purpose. Today I went on a run that changed my life. Why? Because I listened to a podcast featuring author Ruth Soukup about overcoming fears and finding […]

Where is the best place to live a fulfilling life and thrive in health and happiness? Answer these questions to find out! Many of us follow the course laid out before us, but what if that path doesn’t align with our greater vision? Where is the best place to live and thrive? Sure, we’d all […]

This post is for the goal getters and overachievers who breathe ambition and bathe in motivation. Truth is, we all set goals we struggle to keep. As we rapidly conclude 2018 (seriously, how that happened, I’ll never know) it’s natural for us to reflect on our year, often with the chagrin and disapproval, only true […]

If someone told me 10 years ago that I’d be celebrating my 30th birthday trip soaring through jungle canopies on a zip line on the remote Isla Bastimentos, smile wide as the Grand Canyon, I’d say sign me up! In my family, it’s tradition to throw a big bash for birthdays that land on a […]

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