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I'm Christina Lyon, a coffee sipping, piano playing, beach loving, word-obsessed freelance writer and musician. I'm on fire for helping freelance writers get paid and small biz owners succeed online. When I'm not reading or writing, I play music and explore the beaches and wild trails along the California coast.

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Ready to eat your way through Florence? From gelato to pizza, here’s a guide to the best quick snacks and delicious treats to eat in Florence, Italy! I wouldn’t classify myself as a bonafide “foodie,” but I do have a soft spot for all things snacks and sweets. I’m talkin’ pistachio gelato and an authentic […]

Ciao friends! I’m so excited to share with you my first week of Study abroad in Florence! Wow, since my arrival in Florence time has flown by so fast! Being reintroduced to the Tuscan lifestyle is so sweet! My three short days spent in Florence last summer were a glimpse of this glorious city. It’s like […]

When planning a trip to Italy, Naples hadn’t crossed my mind. Roman ruins? Absolutely. The Florentine Renaissance? A must. Exploring the romantic canals of Venice? Sign me up. But Naples? It simply wasn’t on my radar, but after my trip there I can confidently say it’s worth visiting. Here’s a glimpse of Naples for those bold enough to visit […]

Writer Christina Lyon stands at the bay of Panama City in this article about how to achieve your dream.

We all have dreams. You know, those goals that keep us awake at night and sometimes seem so far out of reach. But here’s the kicker: as much as you want to learn how to achieve your dream, you are your own biggest obstacle.  Sure, we are also our own worst enemy in the land […]

Where is the best place to live a fulfilling life and thrive in health and happiness? Answer these questions to find out! Many of us follow the course laid out before us, but what if that path doesn’t align with our greater vision? Where is the best place to live and thrive? Sure, we’d all […]

If you’ve asked yourself this question, you likely have something to say and a blog is a great platform to share it. Not sure what starting a blog entails? First of all, you don’t need to be an HTML whiz, an established “influencer” or big name to have an audience, because anyone can become a […]

As my 4-year anniversary of living in Redondo Beach, California approaches, I thought I’d write a post to share what beach living in California is like–and why I love it! With our swaying palms, cool ocean breeze, and unmistakable California sunsets, there’s nothing quite like the laid-back beach vibes of Southern California. Many people dream […]

While it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for many folks all around the world, us Californians are not on Santa’s List in that department. Although I’ve been on the go a lot this year I’m thrilled to be celebrating Christmas with my family in my home town. But here in So Cal, it’s […]

Planning a Summer Euro trip? Need help packing? Temps are high, crowds are bustling and what you pack will make all the difference. Read on to learn how to pack for Summer in Europe. My first Summer in Europe was in 2015, and I vowed never to return again during summertime. Don’t get me wrong, it […]

Christina Lyon writer poses at the top of the Swiss Alps from Lucerne, Switzerland.

If variety is the spice of life than Switzerland is the only spice you need. This country offers a smorgasbord of terrain, from the glassy calm waters of Lake Lucerne to the rugged peaks and valleys of the Swiss Alps to the Alpine slopes showered with yellow wildflowers… it’s a visual spectrum that just keeps […]

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