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What is A Business Blog & WHY Is It Essential for Your Biz?

Christina Lyon

What is a business blog? Whether you’re a blogger, brick-and-mortar, or online business, the benefits of business blogging simply cannot be ignored. We’ll dive into all of the reasons I’m nudging you to start a business blog TODAY, but first… what is the meaning of “business blog,” anyway?

What is A Business Blog?

Definition: A business blog is a section of your website exclusively devoted to discussing all topics related to your industry niche. On your business blog, you’ll write how-to guides, informative articles, and helpful content for your target customer. Whether you have an online product or service-based company, blogging for business is a fundamental spoke in the marketing wheel.

So, now that we’ve covered the basic definition, why should you start a business blog?

In this business blogging beginner’s guide, I’m sharing the importance of a blog on your website and how to turn your words into a booming sales funnel.

Ready to blog? Let’s launch!

What is the Purpose of a Business Blog?

Hi there! I’m Christina Lyon and I’ve been a professional business blog writer for four years. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts and gained invaluable insights into the benefits of business blogging.

What I’ve learned in the field is that blogs are one of the most effective ways to grow brand awareness and drive sales to your online business. However, anyone can slap a dusty old blog together and that doesn’t mean it’ll work.

What makes a successful business blog? It’s a synergy of multiple efforts; take a look:

A hexagonal pie graph showing what is a business blog, which includes consistent blogging, high quality content, relevant keywords & SEO, nurturing your audience, fresh perspective and voice, and helpful resource for ideal customers.

When you nail these fundamentals of business blogging, you’ll gain more web traffic, build credibility in your niche, gain authority on search engines, and create a thriving community.

Can you feel a stat coming? You’re right!

Businesses with blogs average 67% more monthly leads than businesses that don’t have a blog,. Wowza!

Sound good? Awesome! But now there’s that little task of learning HOW to business blog. No sweat, I’ve got ya covered!

How do Business Blogs Work?

Essentially, business blogs work like any other marketing tools: they attract targeted readers to your blog where your content serves to inform, educate, and convert them into loyal customers and champions of your online biz.


*Cue the whispering voiceover in Field of Dreams*

If you build it, they will come.

OK, I know I’m a cheeseball, but it’s 100% true! That’s not to suggest that simply setting up a blog section on your website will magically bring droves of traffic overnight.

I’m emphasizing the word build, here: brick by brick, word by word.

I’ve worked with dozens of clients to build blogs from the ground up, and I’ve learned exactly what it takes for a blog to effectively drive sales and generate results.

How does it work?

You create a content strategy tackling common topics and sub-topics your target customer faces. For example, my brother is an acting coach and we’re building up his blog. Can you guess the type of content we’re sharing?

How to become an actor

How much do actors get paid?

And so on…

In other words, he knows that his target audience (acting students) are Googling these questions. How will he draw them to his online business? With a business blog discussing all aspects of becoming an actor!

And this truly applies to ANY niche. Literally, I’ve blogged with all sorts of clients — from the gemstone industry to pajamas to technology. The reason business blogging works is that it puts your content (and your offerings) in front of the eyes of people LOOKING for solutions your business has!

Boom! Target customer, meet your new favorite business. And that’s how business blogging works.

There's an open laptop and notebook with glasses and a coffee mug on top of a desk, and notes brainstorming the topic of what is a business blog?

3 Business Blog Examples

Pssst… guess what? You’re on a business blog right now! Ta-da! I’m Christina Lyon, a professional freelance writer and blogger. I use my business blog to write content geared toward small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a strong chance you’re my target audience. Hey, you! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Ok, but enough about me. What is a business blog again? Here are some real blog examples to bring the concept to life.

  • Canva Blog. You know, the lovely website where most of us non-graphic-designers create aesthetic visuals that make us feel ultra-creative? Yeah, they have a rockin’ blog. No surprises there! It works because they answer FAQs from their target demographics — bloggers and small businesses.
  • Fresh Times, the Hello Fresh Blog. Recipes, recipes, recipes. Need I say more? Ok, the blog also features food news, trends, and activism initiatives.
  • Bridgestone Tire Blog. I know absolutely squat about changing tires (AAA to the rescue!), but if I did need to learn how to change a tire in a pinch, I can head straight to the Bridgestone Tire blog. They sell tires, and naturally, blog about tire-related topics. Nuff said.

Moving right along! You’ve seen real business blogs in action, so what kind of results can you expect to see when business blogging is done right?


That wavering needle on your sales dashboard? It’ll start going up.

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

I talk a lot about the benefits of business blogging, and for a good reason. I’ve seen businesses literally resuscitate from the bowels of closure with consistent blogging. Additionally, I’ve watched my clients turn into industry authorities where their target audiences come to them.

That said, blogging isn’t a miracle; it takes massive output and steady, consistent, ongoing work. But when you nail it?

The results speak for themselves:

An infographic of business blogging benefits, including boosting SEO, becoming an industry leader, converting readers to customers, nurturing your audience, and stewarding your brand's course!

You know the benefits, so are you ready to start blogging?

How to Write a Business Blog

Yay! Blogging is freaking awesome, right? Are you on fire yet? Maybe you’re not like me, shouting from a rooftop how much you love blogging as your neighbors throw you a hard side-eye — but trust me, it’s only a matter of time.

When you see those numbers increasing, sales boosting, and your community thriving? You’ll get all gung-ho, too.

But now let’s get real practical: how do you actually write a business blog?

Excellent question! You didn’t think I’d get you all pumped and leave you high and dry, did you? NO. I want you to succeed at blogging. So here are my top tips:

  1. Choose relevant topics in your niche. Conduct a quick Google search and run with the results.
  2. Use targeted keywords to get your content in front of the right eyes. Use keywords naturally in the body and headings of your article. Not sure what keywords are? Head here to learn SEO basics to get you started.
  3. Don’t write basic, boring content. Write conversationally to keep your audience engaged from beginning to end. You made it here, right? Am I a tad hyped? Yes. But hey, I write like I talk, and so should you.
  4. Include engaging visuals and media in your posts to break up the content and keep the eyes moving down the page. And remember: white space is your friend. Big paragraphs and clunky sentences are so 1998.
  5. Write frequently. If you take one kernel of gold from this post, it’s this: write consistently and don’t ghost your audience. Publishing content regularly keeps your website fresh and relevant, and your readers engaged.
  6. Advance to the next stage. In this guide, I focused exclusively on business blogging for beginners. When you’ve nailed these techniques, head here to learn how to promote your business blog and ramp up your blogging efforts.

Should My Business Have a Blog?

If I could reach through the screen and shake you, I absolutely would NOT, #personalspace, you feel? But proverbially, here’s your digital shoulder shake:

What are you waiting for?

There are only benefits to blogging, no matter how much I talk about pros and cons of blogging, the cons are only a limitation of resources.

And what’s the best thing about that? Limitations are meant to be squashed and overcome. If you want to start a business blog, there’s nothing standing in your way.

To recap: You came here to find out “what is a business blog?” I think you’ve got a clear depiction of what it is, but just in case:

The term “business blog” describes the platform you use as a business to communicate information, news, and helpful guides to your audience and customers.

I can’t stress the importance of a blog on your website enough. It’s time for you to take everything you’ve learned here and put pen to paper. Actually, don’t do that, because then you’re going to have to transcribe everything to digital and WHAT a headache that is.

Go to your computer, open a doc, and start writing. Before you begin, download my biz blogging freebie.

Starting a business blog is filled with challenges. What is web hosting? Should you use WordPress? What should you blog about? I’ve put together a beginner’s guide to business blogging to take the guesswork out of it and help you blog better.

The free PDF is designed to help you start a business blog, optimize your blog content to get results and learn the seven fundamental steps your blog needs to succeed.

Grab the freebie here >>> How To Start A Business Blog in 7 Steps!

a free guide to how to start a business blog in 2020

Happy blogging!

A woman sits at a computer wearing a bright-colored necklace and learning what is a business blog.

March 8, 2021

Business Blogging

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