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Bucket List Tick! Visiting The Swiss Alps from Lucerne

Christina Lyon

If variety is the spice of life than Switzerland is the only spice you need. This country offers a smorgasbord of terrain, from the glassy calm waters of Lake Lucerne to the rugged peaks and valleys of the Swiss Alps to the Alpine slopes showered with yellow wildflowers… it’s a visual spectrum that just keeps changing the more you explore it. I visited the Swiss Alps from Lucerne, and it was a serious bucket list moment!

Need a travel guide to the best sights in Lucerne? I’ve got you covered!

The Swiss Alps From Lucerne

When in Switzerland, it’s absolutely necessary to take a trip up to the mountains, whether it be skiing, parasailing, hiking or just cruising up for an unforgettable view, summiting the Alps should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

Lucerne is a popular destination in Switzerland. With its close proximity to France and Italy, it makes for a convenient stopover. Of course, while you’re in Lucerne you absolutely must take a day trip to the Swiss Alps!

Overlooking all of Lucerne is Mt. Pilatus which provides impeccable views from the top, and an exciting journey to get there. I highly recommend taking the Golden Round Trip. 

Swiss Alps_Switzerland_Guide

Golden Round Trip Itinerary

Boat ride on Lake Lucerne 

There is an option to take a train instead of the boat which gets you to the base of the mountain quicker, but to me it was a no-brainer… looking out from the boat I felt like I was in a Bob Ross painting, surrounded by glassy water, rugged hills and “happy trees”.

The world’s steepest cogwheel railway

First of all, before this trip I didn’t even know what a cogwheel railway was! It was thrilling to summit the mountain at a 48 percent slope while watching the town and lake below minimize as we pressed nearly vertically up into the mountains.

Panoramic View from the top 

We packed a picnic with us and ate sandwiches at an open plateau surrounded by clouds and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Find a secluded area to sit, listen to the wind and watch the birds and parasailors fly through the clouds. At 6,982 feet the air is so fresh and crisp and you’ll be in utter peace.

Toboggan (not included in Golden Round Trip but an absolute must!)

Steel track winding through the hills and you control the speed with your own brake. Need I say more? Literally one of the most thrilling and fun adventures I’ve ever had!

Gondola Ride down 

To top off a perfect day you take a gondola down the mountain to a cute little town called Kriens where you’ll catch a bus to take you back to Lucerne.

This trip is a yin-yang of sorts. The cogwheel ascent and the toboggan are thrilling! The boat ride and the view from the top of the Alps provide indescribable peace. It’s exhilarating and peaceful and all-together a perfect day. My only regret was not parasailing which you have to book in advance if you want to do. When I go back to Switzerland it will be at the top of my list!

Other adventurous options at Mt. Pilatus

There is a rope park, parasailing, hiking and much more. For more info check out the Mt. Pilatus activities page.

Lake Lucerne_Switzerland_Blog

Lake Lucerne_Switzerland_What to do

Mt Pilatus_Switzerland_What to do

Vacation_Switzerland_Swiss Alps_

Swiss Alps_Switzerland_Vacation

Swiss Alps_What to do_Blog post_Switzerland

What to do_Swiss Alps_blog



It goes without saying that this trip to the Swiss Alps from Lucerne was a serious bucket list moment I’ll never forget!

When you think of the world wonders, you can’t skim over the Swiss Alps! To behold such incredible vistas is truly a once in a lifetime sight!

Have you been to the Swiss Alps? I’d love to hear about your trip in the comments!

Christina Lyon writer poses at the top of the Swiss Alps from Lucerne, Switzerland.

March 31, 2017


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